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About us

In short

RéseauLAB is a student initiative from the Université de Montréal aimed at bringing together all the graduate research students and post-doctoral fellows from the Faculty of Medicine for a combined scientific event.

Our mission

Our objective is to increase cohesion and collaboration within our faculty and to promote the numerous research works carried out at the University of Montreal by placing an emphasis on student presentations. RéseauLAB also aims to offer open discussions on various issues related to the field of human health and fundamental research.

Previous editions

The interest gathered by the first edition of RéseauLAB, which was held in Granby in 2019, motivated the perpetuation of this event. In the midst of the health crisis, the 2020 and 2021 editions had to adapt to bring students from the Faculty of Medicine together. The second edition turned into two Zoom events : a speedtalk presentation competition in September 2020 and an interactive workshop in April 2021. For the 3rd edition, which took place in September 2021, RéseauLAB offered a fully virtual experience on the interactive Gathertown platform.



100 participants

10  laureates 

$ 1700 in prizes


85 participants

12 laureates

$ 600 in prizes


95 participants

14 laureates

$ 1650 in prizes



12 winners

1800 $ of price


103 attendees

15 winners

2950 $ of price

Organizing committee

The RéseauLAB scientific event is organized by a group of graduate students from different departments of the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal.

The masculine has been used as a generic to facilitate reading

RéseauLAB is an event that promotes social inclusion and respect for gender identity

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